Give our planet a gift!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some of our planned fundraising activities are canceled. For our organization, this means a major financial blow. This does not mean that we are lowering our ambitions. On the contrary. We have big plans for the end of the year.

With your support we want to protect water sources in Uganda and Belgium. How? By planting trees, a gift for the planet.

Your gift to our planet:

  • You plant 200,000 trees in the Mpanga Valley in Uganda: mahogany, bush willows, cycads and orange trees. We protect new trees from clearing.
  • You plant trees in the Join For Water forest in Moerbeke-Waas, in collaboration with our partner BOS+. You will be able to visit this forest from 2021.

Your donation can be made online or by bank transfer to BE22 5230 8036 1747. Starting at € 40 per annum, financial gifts by private Belgian individuals are 60% tax deductible (2020). Join For Water will send you a tax certificate in March following the year of donation, together with a resume of our annual report of the past year.

If you make a donation via this page, we need your email address to send you a confirmation email. We need your address to process your gift and to create your tax certificate.