Burundi is a small country in Central Africa, bordering among others the DR Congo and Rwanda. Burundi is densely populated, with nearly 12 million inhabitants, 86% of whom live in rural areas. Burundi has had a turbulent history with a lot of political violence. Burundi ranks 185th in the Human Development Index. 9 out of 10 Burundians live from agriculture, mainly coffee and tea. In recent years, 0.5 million Burundian refugees have returned to their country, which has increased pressure on agricultural land and water resources.

Access to sanitation

Our ambition in Burundi

In Isale, Join For Water wants to continue to follow up on the previous activities concerning drinking water and sanitation, and to solve the obstacles together with the users, local organisations and authorities. This also applies to the interventions within the framework of Integrated Water Resources Management within the river basin. In the new Bubanza zone, bringing vulnerable families out of poverty is high on the agenda. 

Our activities in Burundi

Join For Water previously worked in the municipality of Isale. Today, Join For Water mainly wants to ensure the maintenance of the existing infrastructure. The strengthening of the users and local committees is the first priority. Join For Water will also follow up the national plan for Integrated Water Resources Management. Elements include the replanting of vegetation; the promotion of vegetable farming; the creation of management structures at river basin level; the protection of the source zones against erosion, ...

In Bubanza, Join For Water plans to build drinking water infrastructure for families and in public places, such as markets and schools. There are many springs in the hills, and the proper management of these springs is very important. The area around it needs to be protected from erosion by planting native trees. 

Sanitary blocks and latrines will be built in the schools. Rainwater harvesting systems in the schools will have to compensate for the shortage of water in drier periods. In Bubanza, Join For Water also focuses specifically on underprivileged families. A more healthy and hygienic lifestyle can help to lift them out of poverty. To this end, they receive a 'family package' consisting of a latrine, shower, kitchen rack, hand washbasin, a vegetable garden with a compost bin, and a more efficient oven. This is done in synergy with Caritas International Belgium.

Our partner in Burundi

  • AVEDEC - Association Villageoise pour l’Entraide et le Développement Communautaire

Financing and support

  • DGD - Directorate-general Development Cooperation
  • Flemish government via VPWvO
  • Farys (expertise)
  • Arcadis (expertise)
  • Province of East-Flanders